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The University of Central America (UCA) has created this tool to help academically gifted students from low income families connect with sponsors who can help them achieve their dream of graduating from this alma mater.

Currently the UCA is struggling to maintain the scholarships of thousands of outstanding students. The university’s resources are limited, and the percentage of students who benefit from scholarships is very high. This platform gives these gifted students the opportunity to connect with altruistic people who are willing to support them in their goal of achieving a college degree.

You can directly sponsor one of these students by paying his or her tuition fees. The UCA is not receiving donations nor creating a scholarship fund. It is contributing to facilitate solidarity from sponsors who wish to support low income students, and in that way, help to build a better future for our country. Sponsor here

All scholarship recipients have been through a selection process based on two criteria: 1. High academic achievement, and 2. Financial need. Using specific assessment tools, each student’s performance is monitored through an evaluation of his or her academic, and sports or artistic achievements.

In addition, the UCA makes sure that the student’s family’s economic situation makes it impossible for them to cover tuition costs. The University requires evidence of family expenses, bills for basic services, the completion of an economic profile format, evidence of medical bills, and even visits the family home. This process allows the UCA to confirm that the student does not have enough resources to pay for his college education.

Only students who have demonstrated that their family has very limited financial resources, but also have been outstanding students in high school, achieving excellent grades or a salient performance in a sport or artistic discipline, can receive a scholarship from the UCA. In order to keep their scholarship, each year they must maintain good behavior, and an excellent academic performance. Sponsor here

Tuition costs in 2022 are as follows:

  • Faculty of Science, Technology, and the Environment: $110 per course.
  • Faculty of Humanities, and Faculty of Economics and Business Administration: $100 per course.

Majors in the Faculty of Science, Technology, and the Environment have 60 courses in average and a duration of 5 years, while majors in the other Faculties have an average of 48 courses with a duration of 4 years.

Each student must register between five and six courses every semester. While Engineering and Architecture students require an investment of $6,600 in tuition fees to complete their major, students enrolled in four year majors require an investment of $4,800 to complete their studies. Sponsor here

By clicking the button SPONSOR STUDENTS you can select a major you would like to sponsor, and the system will select the following available student from a waiting list. Then you type the amount with which you will sponsor the student, you select your preferred method of payment, and your sponsorship is complete!

You can make a payment directly through this web page using a credit or debit card. You can also ask for a Telepagos or bank counter service, and the system will produce a payment order you can use to make the payment through a phone call or, if you prefer, personally at any BANPRO bank counter, or even at the UCA’s cash desk. Sponsor here

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